Information Technology

Request New Service or Relocation

New service and relocation requests may take from one week to two months. Some examples of these requests include:

  • adding or removing phone lines (telephone numbers)
  • physically relocating an existing phone line (e.g., into another office).

To request new telephone service or relocation of an existing service, please complete a Move Request Form (PDF) and email it to This form is used to add/move personnel or change space. Once approved you will be contacted by the Office of Information Technology to discuss the changes you require.

Request Service Modification

Service modification requests include:

  • change in name
  • adding long distance passcode
  • move extension within existing space
  • adding additional feature (in call pickup, auto attendants, etc.)
  • telephone system phone book
  • adding voice mail
  • changing the existing programming on a line
  • requesting a new telephone

To request a service modification, please complete the Service Order Request Form.