Information Technology

Technology Facilities in University Center


This month the University Center opens its doors to reveal state of the art technology for instruction. General classrooms and studios are equipped to present digital content, record lectures and annotate. Specialized rooms such as the lecture halls and the distance learning room have teleconferencing capabilities. The four computing classrooms are configured to allow the instructor to control any of the student workstations and to present student work onto any of the large wall mounted flat panel displays within the rooms. In addition to the instructional spaces some of student areas have an LCD built in to allow students to plug-in their laptop and collaborate with their peers.

The Auditorium is capable of blending up to eight HD videos or images onto one large projection screen at the stage, using three 18,000 lumen HD projectors and advanced video imaging processors. There are ceiling mounted flat panel displays in the rear of the Auditorium to reinforce the image on the stage. In addition to installed pan, tilt and zoom HD video cameras and streaming capabilities the Auditorium is equipped with industry standard press feeds and HD videoconferencing. Instructional technology including presentation Windows, Mac and document camera at the podium are available.

The Master AV Control Room, the MACR, is a centralized content and AV management hub within the University Center. The Blu-ray DVD, Mini DV and other associated content formats are aggregated in this location for improved management. Any source in the MACR is available to any classroom, studio, lecture hall or auditorium spaces for streaming or recording purposes.