Information Technology

Tech Tips for Winter Break


Here are a few handy technology tips to consider while you are away over winter break:

Don’t broadcast travels over social media

Be careful about broadcasting that you are away from your residence over social media. Broadcasting your vacations over social media, might be a nice way to share your break activities with other, but be careful about with whom you share your information. If in the wrong hands, you leave yourself vulnerable to burglary.

Shut down your computer

If you are leaving behind a desktop computer, be sure to shut the computer down before you leaving for an extended period of time. Shutting your computer down regularly is a good practice, but this is especially true if you will be gone for an extended period of time. Leaving your computer running, places unnecessary ware on your computer and is a waste of energy.

Set up an auto-reply message

If you plan to spend some time away from your inbox over the break, you may want to consider setting up an auto-reply message. Google’s support site provides step-by step instructions to help you set you New School Mail to automatically reply when out of office or on vacation.