Information Technology

Technology Lab Tips for Finals


Can't find a computer station in the labs during finals?

  • Try working during off-peak hours, early birds and late owls have an edge!
  • Stop by at Arnhold Hall 3rd or 8fl and ask the staff about computer classrooms that may be available to accommodate lab overflow. 

Are you looking for a smoother printing experience?

  • Try following the recommended printing workflow in the labs: Save files as PDF to the Work-in-Progress of your computer station, then print.
  • Refer to the Printing Tip Sheets and FAQ with helpful step-by-step workflow and file specific troubleshooting information.

Need to render Maya, 3D Studio Max, Rhino or After Effects files?

  • A Render Farm is accessible from the 8th and 9th floor open lab Windows stations at 55 West 13th Street.
  1. Go to the Start menu on an Arnhold Hall 8th or 9th floor workstation.
  2. Select, "Render Farm."
  3. Select, "QuBe Rendering."
  4. Select, "Rendering Storage and Support Documentation."