Information Technology

Best Practices for Printing in the Labs

The most common problems encountered when printing in the labs occur because of a few simple workflow problems. Please follow the below workflow tips and best practices for printing in the labs to avoid these problems:

Save large files as NewschoolPDF and print from Acrobat.

Save your file as an Adobe PDF file in the Work in Progress drive. Then, open your saved PDF document and use Print from Acrobat. This helps stabilizing the file and helps reduce printer error. If saving as a PDF from an Adobe program such as Illustrator, you see a PDF settings window. Make sure NewschoolPDF is selected as the preset.

Print from the Work In Progress drive.

Avoid printing directly from the web, Blackboard or your flash drive. This can delay printing, especially at peak times. Save your file to Work In Progress, and open it from there. Files printed directly from removable media (flash drive, CD, etc), the Drop Box, the web, or an email attachment may stall the printing network or may become corrupted.

Optimize your PDF.

PDFs that are 5 MB or less print faster and more reliably. If your document is larger than 5 MB we recommend that you save your file as a Reduced-Size PDF or Optimized PDF (available on Save-as in the File Menu).  To optimize you PDF, open your file in Acrobat Professional and choose File > Save As > Optimized PDF. Make sure the optimization preset is set to "NewschoolPDF." To further streamline your file, choose Tools menu > Protection & Security > Sanitize Document to remove file settings or hidden data that may prevent it from printing properly.

Enable the "Print As Image" option.

If you are still having trouble printing you document, you might want to try printing your file as an image using Acrobat's "Print As Image" option. In the Acrobat Print window, click the Advanced button and check the box labeled "Print As Image." Click OK and submit your file to print.  

Be patient in times of heavier traffic.

Try to print during off-peak times. Waiting times at all campus printers are typically longer in the mornings and up to 30min before class sessions start. Printers can only process one file at a time. Sending your file more than once only adds to the traffic, slowing everything down. As a courtesy to other users, please print a maximum of 20 pages at a time.

Additional Information

The standard format for printing on computer lab printers is the same as the current industry standard: Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe Acrobat Pro is installed on all computer workstations throughout the labs for your convenience. For more information on Recommended Printing Workflow, please visit: