Information Technology

Conference or Event Guest Internet Wireless


University guests, and attendees at university-sponsored events, may use the New School wireless network if a faculty or staff member "sponsors" that access.

Available To

  • Internet access may be made available to: 

    • Guests visiting the university to participate in university meetings or other university business 
    • Presenters at university-sponsored events
    • Attendees at university-sponsored events

    Internet access may not be made available to:

    • Vendors making sales calls and similar
    • Guests visiting the university on personal business
    • Events not sponsored by the university (i.e., those events that are simply leasing space)


Guest access is enabled for the day(s) the guest will be on campus.

Event access is usually enabled from 30 minutes prior to the event's scheduled start time until 30 minutes after the event's scheduled end time.


Guest access is enabled in all buildings and rooms where "newschoolnet" wireless access is available.

Getting Started

Guest/event wireless access must be requested AT LEAST 3 BUSINESS DAYS IN ADVANCE.

Guest/event wireless access must be sponsored by a faculty or staff member; this individual is responsible for all activity performed on the network using the guest UserID.

To request guest/event wireless access, complete the Wireless Access Request Form (DOC) and return it to the Help Desk.