Public Engagement


  • The Certificate in Screenwriting curriculum is awarded for satisfactory completion of six approved courses leading to the writing of a professional-quality screenplay ready for the marketplace. Students may complete the entire core sequence online; note that Screenwriting 2 is offered online only in the fall and Screenwriting 3 is offered online only in the spring.

    Students take four required courses in the following order:

    Script Analysis

    Screenwriting 1: The First Act

    Screenwriting 2: Writing the Screenplay (permission required)

    Screenwriting 3: Rewrite and Polish (permission required)

    Students select two elective courses from the New School's Screenwriting or Film Studies curriculum to round out the certificate program. A sampling of electives includes:

    Sitcom Writing 1: Writing the "Spec" Script

    Sitcom Writing 2: Writing the Original Pilot

    Episodic and Procedurals: Crafting the Original One-Hour Pilot

    Screenwriting for the Web

    The Business of Screenwriting

    The program takes at least four semesters to complete.

    Courses are offered in the fall, spring, and summer terms. Not all elective courses are offered every term. Enrollment in these courses is strictly limited, so early registration is strongly advised.

    Studying Online

    All four required courses and selected electives are offered online. You can earn the Certificate in Screenwriting studying online from anywhere in the world, or you can combine on-campus and online study at your convenience.