Directed Research Seminar
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Level: Undergraduate
Division: University-wide Programs
Department: Global Studies
Course Number: UGLB 4710
Course Format: Practicum
Location: NYC campus
Permission Required: No
  • Global Studies
  • Research Methods
The main goal of this course is to prepare senior students for their final research project or thesis required for the major in Global Studies. The senior work is a major independent project that requires the best application of students’ analytical, writing, and research skills. To this end the course will help you clearly formulate your research design, plan the writing of your project/thesis, and allow you to learn from your colleagues. The course is heavily interactive—we will work primarily with materials provided by you, the students. Using secondary texts and your own work we will cover issues such as formulating a research problem, defining your concepts, situating yourself in the literature, finding, using and presenting data, and the writing process. The senior project may take slightly different forms for each person, but for all students must reflect the ability to synthesize complex information, present ideas clearly and creatively, situate your ideas in a larger context, and convincingly make an argument that is relevant to this field of inquiry. It is a scholarly endeavor that creatively reflects knowledge and experience obtained both inside and outside the classroom. By the end of the fall semester, students graduating the following May will produce a prospectus and be ready to start writing their thesis. These students will take part in a follow-up writing workshop during the spring semester. Students graduating in the Fall semester in which this course is taken will need to work at an accelerated pace to complete the thesis by the end of the semester. Accordingly, assignments will differ somewhat for students seeking to graduate in the Fall.
Course Open to: Degree Students


Open to Undergraduate students.


Not open to Freshman students.

Not open to Sophomore students.


Open to Global Studies students.