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Level: Undergraduate
Division: Parsons The New School for Design
School: School of Art, Media and Technology
Department: Art, Media & Technology
Course Number: PSAM 3060
Course Format: Studio
Location: NYC campus
Permission Required: No
  • Design
  • Social Development
  • Interactive Design
These courses are special topical electives, often taught in new or experimental subjects, and rotate frequently. The following will be offered in fall 2014:

Designing for Social Change: Graphic Designers can play an important role in helping to solve complex social problems. Sure, designers can make things look good, but we also bring a unique “design thinking” process to each project that allows us to design solutions to problems more quickly. In this course, you will consider the designer’s role in society through personal and group projects that will require you to directly engagement with other people. You will immerse yourself in each project as part of a process that will help you better-understand your audience and how design can make a positive impact. Readings from designers, activists, social scientists, and innovators and will introduce you to the philosophical underpinnings of this topic and strategies that can help your projects succeed. You will also focus on user experience as a way to design behavior change, which is an essential aspect of “Designing for Social Change.” You will emerge from this course with a toolbox of problem-solving strategies that will energize your future collaborations and will help to prepare you for design leadership.

The Future of Mobile: This class will cover the history, present, and future of mobile technology and design. Throughout the semester, we will explore what mobile means, how it has evolved, and what opportunities exist for innovation and social change in a cross-platform, cross-device, context agnostic, and context dynamic world. We will cover topics and areas including screen-based, non-screen-based, hand-held, table-top, and wearable devices, technology, and design. Students will work on a project that will let them explore mobile-specific research techniques, ideation, prototyping, and testing, as well as possibilities for ground-breaking design solutions that go beyond the world of smartphone-centric technology and capabilities.

Course Open to: Degree Students with Restrictions
Course Pre/Co-requisites:
Open to: All School of Art, Media & Technology upper-level undergraduate degree students.


Open to Undergraduate students.


Open to Communication Design students.

Open to Design and Technology students.

Open to Fine Arts students.

Open to Integrated Design Curriculum students.

Open to Illustration students.

Open to Photography students.