Contemporary American Politics

Term: Spring 2013

Subject Code: GPOL

Course Number: 6298

This course analyzes politics in the contemporary United States, often through the lens of the 2012 presidential election. Why did that election turn out as it did? In the 2012 election campaign, who were the main actors and what are they aiming to achieve? What were the key political differences between the two candidates? How were social differences (e.g., of income & wealth, race, religion) linked to political choices? What are the prospects of the new administration?  We will pay particular attention to debates about the appropriate role of government in the American political economy, including relations between government policies and social and political inequality. Why did government policies not led to a more rapid or significant recovery from the long and deep recession in the U.S.? What is the appropriate role of government in the contemporary American political economy?  This course is open to Ph.D. and M.A. students in Politics (and other Departments). It replaces the course that was titled “American Politics Field Seminar.”

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