Clin Apps of Attach Theory

Term: Spring 2011

Subject Code: GPSY

Course Number: 6325

This seminar will examine cutting-edge developments in attachment theory and research as concerns adults, children, couples and families across diverse clinical contexts. The seminar will involve students in becoming familiar with video-filmed examples of infant patterns of attachment in the classic Strange Situation Procedure, as well as in attachment-based assessments of older children (e.g. the Attachment Story Completion Task). Prominently, the seminar will involve close attention to clinical uses of the Adult Attachment Interview, and its companion rating and classification system that permits a reliable and valid assessment of the adut's state of mind concerning attachment, loss and trauma. A picture will emerge from the seminar of how to undertake or support clinical work from an attachment perspective, with children and adults in diverse contexts including psychotherapy with adults, couples, families including family preservation issues, post-adoption support, and foster care. Core required text: Steele, H. & Steele, M. (2008). Clinical applications of the Adult Attachment Interview. Guilford Press: NY.

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