Social Research: An International Quarterly


Climate Change Demands we Change. Why Aren't We?

Volume 82, Number 3 (Fall2015)

Part I: Psychological Factors and Social Change

Emanuele Castano

Elke U. Weber
Climate Change Demands Behavioral Change: What Are the Challenges?

Paul C. Stern and Kaitlin T. Raimi
Simple Mental Models for Informing Climate Choices

John Jost
Resistance to Change: A Social Psychological Perspective

Jennifer Jacquet
Experimental Insights: Testing Climate Change Cooperation in the Lab

Part II: The Physical City  and the Challenge of Infrastructure)

Guy Nordenson and Catherine Seavitt
Structures of Coastal Resilience: Designs for Climate Change

Michael Oppenheimer
Adapting to Climate Change: Rising Sea Levels, Reducing Risks

Jerold Kayden
Rebuilding in Place after the Flood: Does Law Have the Answer?

Steven Cohen
What Is Stopping the Renewable Energy Transformation and What Can the US Federal Government Do?

Part III: Keynote Address
Frances Beinecke
How to Unleash Climate Action: Values, Politics, and the Inevitability of the Clean Energy Future

Part IV: Money and Politics

Robert Mendelsohn
Climate Change Demands We Change. Why Aren't We? An Economic Perspective

Charlotte Kaiser
NatureVest:  Natural Capital Investment Solutions to Transform the Way We Protect Nature

Christina Leijonhufvud and Jeffrey P. Fitts
Global Warming’s Unlikely Antidote: Why Capital Markets Hold the Key to Addressing Climate Change

Part V: Difficult Choices
Joel Towers

Dale Jamieson
Two Cheers for Climate Justice

Russell Hardin
M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) for Our Time?

Eddie Bautista, Juan Camilo Osorio, and Natasha Dwyer
Building Climate Justice and Reducing Industrial Waterfront Vulnerability

Claire Weisz and Alan Blumberg
Design Meets Science in a Changing Climate: A Case for Regional Thinking to Address Urban Coastal Resilience

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