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Coming Spring 2016

From Social Science to Social Policy:

How Research Is Improving Government
Public Voices 8

Thursday, March 3, 2016 
6:00 - 8:00 p.m. 
The New School 
Theresa Lang Community and Student Center 
55 West 13th Street 
New York City, NY

CASS SUNSTEIN, Robert Walmsley University Professor, Harvard Law School; former Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs     
DANIEL KAHNEMAN, Eugene Higgins Professor of Psychology, Emeritus; Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs, Emeritus, Princeton University
Moderator: KENNETH PREWITT, Carnegie Professor of Public Affairs, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

Come hear renowned experts — former White House adviser Cass Sunstein and Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman — discuss how the White House seeks to turn social science research findings into improvements in government programs.

The Invasive Other

34th in the Social Research Conference Series
April 20-21, 2016

This conference is grounded in the premise that while seemingly of different orders, invasive others — whether people, plants, ideas, or pathogens — are described in similar ways, and are patrolled and controlled through similar technologies, logics, and policies. We expect the conference to reveal how the language and technologies intersect and play off one another. By placing these different “invasives” alongside one another, we will learn more about the nature of Otherness in our world and how it is managed, governed, or eliminated. If we are to protect the rights of others, this knowledge is invaluable. 

Coming Fall 2016

The Future of Scholarly Knowledge: The Tension Between Autonomy and Accountability

35th in the Social Research Conference Series

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