Seminar as Organic Novel [D]

Term: Fall 2008

Subject Code: GSOC

Course Number: 5030

Terry Williams The course examines the social construction of narrative, including the novel, novellas, short stories, the nature of anecdotes, the social function of the storyteller, and the storyteller�s place in city life. While sociology is a science, it is also one of the arts, fed by a creative imaginary so evident in drama, music, poetry and the novel. This relationship between art and science is a core part of the course. Students must find a location and construct a narrative account of a situation, events, and actors. This course attempts the living novel while embracing the unity of science and art through the various ways of understanding reality. Students read from weekly journals about their lived experiences and discuss how they are doing the process. This enables the page to be the central element in the analysis, as students are not limited to writing nonfiction accounts of the events experienced. Limited to 10 students.

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