Psychology of Women and Gender

Term: Spring 2009

Subject Code: GPSY

Course Number: 6368

Over the past 25 years, feminists have transformed the field of psychology. Feminist psychologists have challenged how we study, what we study, and what we know about women and gender, and have explored how gender polarization shapes our everyday experience. This course provides an overview of the now burgeoning study of the psychology of women and gender, from the enormous contributions of early feminist psychologists who challenged longstanding notions of women�s intellectual and emotional inferiority, to contemporary postmodern feminist psychologists, some of whom contend that the scientific enterprise is itself laden with androcentric bias. Topics include biological and psychological perspectives on sex and gender development; sexuality, reproduction, and the regulation and management of the female body across the lifespan and across cultures; gender influences on mental and physical health; gender and the workplace; and violence in women�s lives.

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