Doctoral ProSeminar I: Project Conceptualization

Term: Fall 2008

Subject Code: GANT

Course Number: 7005

This is a two part doctoral seminar in preparation for dissertation research. Part I is designed to provide some of the analytic tools that should be useful in developing and formulating a dissertation project. Our focus is on identifying a subject of ethnographic inquiry and on formulating a problematic. The seminar will combine readings and writing exercises that develop your ethnographic sensibilities and ethnographic writing. The goal of this first part is to clarify your research problematic and the literatures you will need to master. The final paper will be a preliminary research proposal. Part II of the course, in the Winter term, will be devoted to developing the methodological features of your work and your proposal. The goal of this seminar is a well documented, well-motivated, ethically responsible, richly substantive and feasible research proposal, suitable for doctoral dissertation funding.

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