• Executive and Standing Committees

    Academic Year 2016-2017

  • Executive Committee

    University Faculty Grievance Committee

    Julia Foulkes, Chair (Public Engagement)

    University Budget Committee

    Sven Travis (Parsons)

  • Standing Committees

    (all FT senators are on the FT Faculty Affairs Committee; all PT senators are on the PT Faculty Affairs Committee)

  • FT Faculty Affairs (FTFA)

    Rachel Heiman, SPE, Temporary Co-Chair
    Charles Allison, SPE
    Adria Benjamin, Performing Arts  
    Craig Bernecker, Parsons
    David Carroll, Parsons
    Erin Cho, Parsons
    Danielle Goldman, Lang
    Margarita Gutman, SPE
    Richard Harper, Performing Arts
    Nicolas Langlitz, NSSR
    Mark Larrimore, Lang
    Frank Nemhauser, Performing Arts
    Lara Penin, Parsons
    Derek Porter, Parsons
    Christian Schneider, Parsons  
    Luciana Scrutchen, Parsons
    Sara Villa, SPE
    Jennifer Wilson, Lang  

    PT Faculty Affairs (PTFA)

    Temporary Chair TBD
    Julie Boyd, Performing Arts
    Ron Caldwell, Parsons
    Magaret Fiore, SPE
    Josh Furst, Lang
    Genevieve Jezick, Parsons
    Richard Salcer, Parsons
    Candy Schulman, Parsons
    J.Y. Song, Performing Arts
    Scott Whitehurst, Performing Arts  

    Academic Affairs (AA)

    Erin Cho, FTF, Parsons, Temporary Chair
    Danielle Goldman, FTF, Lang  
    Richard Harper, PTF, Performing Arts
    Rachel Heiman, FTF, SPE  

    Learning Environments (LE)

    Luciana Scrutchen, FTF, Parsons, Chair  
    Richard Salcer, PTF, Parsons  
    Scott Whitehurst, PTF, Performing Arts
    Jennifer Wilson, FTF, Lang

    Senate Affairs (SA)

    Frank Nemhauser, FTF, Performing Arts, Temporary Chair
    Julie Boyd, PTF, Performing Arts
    Candy Schulman, PTF, SPE  

    Finance Committee (FC)

    Charles Alison, FTF, SPE, Temporary Chair