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    With the news that 2014 ranks as the warmest year, worldwide, in recorded history, the effects of climate change are becoming impossible to ignore.

    Driven by its mission to confront real-world problems through bold and creative solutions, The New School is tackling this global crisis head on. This year, the university will pursue a comprehensive plan to address climate change, including full divestment of fossil fuels.

    The plan, which was sparked by New School students, faculty and alumni on The New School’s Paris and New York City campuses, includes an expansion of the already diverse catalogue of curriculum options for students on the environment and climate justice. At its heart is the Tishman Environment and Design Center (TEDC), a facility that will foster the integration of design strategies and creative social and ecological approaches to environmental issues.

    In 2015, TEDC renewed and expanded its vision to address the increasingly urgent need to integrate design and environment to confront climate change and its social justice impacts. TEDC accomplishes these objectives by providing New School faculty, students, and staff with opportunities for interdisciplinary research, teaching, practice, engagement, and environmental citizenship that focuses on a wide range of issues with a new level of intensity. 

    Committed to Becoming a More Sustainable University

    In order to reduce The New School's environmental footprint and carbon emissions, the university has established the following goals

    1. Reduce the use of energy in buildings
    2. Promote the use of public transportation and bicycling
    3. Decrease consumption of potable water (PDF)
    4. Reduce waste sent to landfills
    5. Improve Indoor Environmental Quality
    6. Support initiatives to integrate sustainability and eco-literacy into curriculum, campus programming, and events

    To this end, the university has signed on to two major initiatives that demonstrate its dedication to fulfilling these sustainability goals:

    1. The Mayor's Challenge to Universities
    2. The American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment

    To read more about these public comments please visit our energy page.

    In August 2010, The New School and approximately 200 other schools signed on as a Charter Participant to the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS®), an initiative developed by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). Created by universities for universities, STARS helps higher education institutions assess their efforts in sustainability across multiple categories. The New School received a STARS Silver rating in August 2011.

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