• Special Interest Communities and Collectives

    What are Special Interest Communities and Collectives (SICs)?

    A Special Interest Community or Collective (SIC) is a residential group of students who share academic, personal, social, and/or cultural interests.

    • A collective is a community group within a residence hall that functions as a resource and collaborative space for the entire building.
    • A community is similar in function but is specific to one single floor in a residence hall.

    SICs provide an opportunity for residents to take part in leading their community in residential education around a shared interest while embracing the department’s three pillars of safety, scholarship, and community.

    What SICs are available in our residence halls?

    Quiet Community

    The Quiet Community is designed for students who share an interest in quieter living. This community enforces not 24-hour quiet hours but 24-hour courtesy hours. These floors are geared toward academic excellence with specialized community building strategies conducive to an environment ideal for studying and completion of academic tasks.

    Where are the SICs located?

    Quiet Communities are located on a single floor in Kerrey Hall, Loeb Hall, the 13th Street Residence, the 20th Street Residence, and Stuyvesant Park.

    Who runs the SICs?

    You do! Each SIC is assigned a Resident Advisor (RA) advisor who will get the ball rolling as residents have an opportunity to opt into leadership and involvement.

    Why should I join an SIC?

    • Meet people with similar passions, forming your own community niche.
    • Gain valuable leadership skills.
    • Learn how to build community and educate your peers in the residence hall.
    • Foster community growth and development around your SIC area of “expertise.”
    • Add a leadership position and experience to your résumé!

    How can I get involved?

    You can express interest in one of the leadership roles for an SIC or just join as a member-at-large of the community or collective.

    Leadership roles include:

    • CE (collective or community executive)
    • ACE (assistant CE)
    • CG (collective or community gatherer)

    There will be an interest form and appointment process for the leadership roles in each SIC in each residence hall.