• Hall Council

    What is Hall Council?

    Hall Council is a student-led organization that gives residents living on campus a voice in shaping their community. As a Hall Council member, you'll have a variety of opportunities to remain active and engaged. You can attend meetings, plan programs, facilitate community development activities, and advocate for the residential population in the residence halls. Hall Council participation gives you the ability to foster an inclusive, engaging, and supportive environment that includes your voice and your input.

    Being involved within Hall Council provides a great opportunity to develop long-lasting friendships, develop your leadership skills, and gain a sense of ownership and pride within your community. Through meaningful participation and engagement, you will develop several skills that will help you succeed in future leadership roles. Participation is an excellent way to enhance your résumé, grow as a student leader, and make a positive impact on the student experience at The New School.

    Why join Hall Council?

    • You'll have a role in shaping your community.
    • You can effect change and promote an engaged campus environment.
    • It is a great learning experience and step toward future leadership roles.
    • You can help facilitate fun, educational, and creative programs.
    • Did we mention that it’s fun?

    Who leads Hall Council?

    You do! Hall Council is completely resident run, but works in partnership with the Student Housing and Residential Education office. There are many students within each residential community who take on specific leadership responsibilities to support their Hall Council team. These individuals are Hall Council Advisors and Executive Board members. Hall Council Advisors play an integral role in driving the success of the Hall Council teams. They advise the Hall Council Executive Board members and advocate for students to make a positive difference within their hall. They are the supporters and initiators that promote an engaging, safe, inclusive, thriving, and vibrant residence hall experience. These individuals are supported by professional staff, their Hall Council Executive Board, and you!

    How do I get involved?

    There are many ways to be a part of the Hall Council experience. We encourage you to get connected, get involved, and stay engaged! Hall Council hosts meetings within the residence halls that you can attend, facilitate a variety of fun and engaging events throughout the academic year, and support university initiatives and programs. Hall Council embraces collaboration and invites everyone to join in the experience. 

    Hall Council leadership roles that are available to residents are:

    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary 
    • Treasurer 
    • Community Representative

    A campaign and election process will be held to fill these leadership positions. The Housing and Residential Education team will send all residents information about the recruitment and selection process of these positions at the beginning of the fall semester for first year residence halls and the beginning of the spring semester for the 20th Street Residence and Kerrey Hall. 

    Students who maintain leadership roles within Hall Council will develop key competencies and skills. They will also be provided with training, resources, and multiple experiences that will help them develop as leaders and agents of positive change within their community. You can contact your RA, building supervisor, or current Hall Council leadership for more information on involvement and upcoming events.

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