• Wellness and Health Promotion

    The Wellness and Health Promotion program provides a variety of health-related workshops, trainings, classroom presentations, and face-to-face sessions to students in every school of the university. Topics explored include fitness, smoking cessation, nutrition, LGBTQIAGNC wellness, spiritual health, gender-specific health matters, communication skills, relationships, sex positivity and sexual assault prevention, drug and alcohol harm reduction, body positivity, and stress and time management. All programs and services are structured to encourage and help university community members to work toward optimal health and well-being in a nonjudgmental and supportive environment. We recognize that health and well-being are the result of complex processes that are personal, social, structural and communal; equity, equality and inclusion are all part of the matrix of health.

    Weekly Programs

    We hold weekly stress reduction and mindfulness programs during the academic year, free for all New School students. There's no need to RSVP — just drop in! See Wellness Events and Counseling Groups for details.

    Wellness Map

    Consult our Wellness Map to find wellness services and resources around campus and beyond.