• Cost of Attendance

    Review estimated college expenses to determine the cost of your college education

    Add your program's tuition and fees to the living expenses listed below to determine your estimated Cost of Attendance (COA).

    Cost of Attendance is published for personal planning and financial aid purposes. Students are responsible to The New School only for the charges listed on their Student Accounts invoice.

    College living expenses vary from student to student. Our estimates are based on student surveys and information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These figures are published to give you a rough idea of what an average student attending our New York City campus should expect to spend in a school year.

    Estimated college expenses

    Estimated Student Expenses Dorm/Off Campus Living with Parents/Relatives
    Room (on-campus housing charges vary)* $15,150 $0
    Food $1,730 $500
    Books and Supplies $2,050 $2,050
    Transportation $460 $460
    Personal Expenses $1,550 $500
    Health Insurance Fee** $2,999 $2,999
    Health Services Fee** $704 $704

    * All undergraduate students who are not current NYC residents are placed in a default off-campus housing budget for $10,000. If you are living on campus, your estimated cost of attendance will be updated once the Financial Aid Office is notified of your housing assignment. NYC residents do not have a housing budget added to their cost of attendance but can request one from the Financial Aid Office if they do not plan to live at home.

    ** Graduate students can waive both the Health Insurance and Health Services fees. Undergraduate students may be able to waive the Health Insurance fee but must pay the Health Services fee.

    Costs will vary depending on your meal plan, apartment or dorm costs, books for class, transportation, and more. Talk to an admission counselor to learn more about the postential cost of your education and how our financial aid awards can help offset some of your college expenses.

    International students: Note that the Cost of Attendance figures above are based on a nine-month school year. The U.S. visa application uses a different calculation of living expenses. Your letter of acceptance includes information about the visa application. Contact International Student Services if you have questions about the visa process.

    Please take this brief survey to assist us in creating Cost of Attendance budgets that reflect our students' actual college living expenses.