• Start a New Student Organization

    Student organizations contribute greatly to campus community and life at The New School. Although we boast a strong community of student organizations, there are many opportunities to create new organizations that serve previously unmet student interests.

    We welcome new organizations and encourage you to get started by reviewing the benefits and requirements in this brief slideshow outlining the steps to registration. By visiting the Resources page, you can also find information on important dates.

    Student Organizations

    We encourage you to get involved in registered student organizations. It is a rewarding experience that helps you grow — socially and in areas of leadership — while establishing lifelong friendships.

    Degree-seeking students have an opportunity to join any of our student organizations or create one of their own.

    Please email studentorgs@newschool.edu or check our Resources page for current registration deadlines.

  • Student Groups

    Pre-Professional and Academic Interest

    BIAS, the Journal of Fashion Studies


    BIAS, the Journal of Fashion Studies is an academic publication put out by the Fashion Studies department of the School of Art and Design History and Theory at Parsons School of Design, The New School. BIAS’s mission is to develop the next generation of fashion scholars, artists, and designers. BIAS also envisions dialogue and integration of fashion studies with other interdisciplinary academic disciplines as well as artistic and design practices. 



    Hub_Up begins with the notion that alternative practices need to be seen as crucial urban services. We expand the idea of who serves the city and who should and can be contributors to the city. We recognize the role of the artist, the activist, and all people serving the city in both traditional and nontraditional ways. We position our organization within the evolving city, to strengthen and realize the potential of all those engaged with the city.

    Industrial Designers Society Association (IDSA)


    At The New School’s IDSA student chapter, our mission is to bring professional networking to our members, as well as educational conferences regarding the industry and its constant changes. Our previous events have ranged from hosting demo workshops of Keyshot, a computer rendering program, to hosting a mixer to kick off the weekend of the Student Merit Awards. Our goals for this semester are similar to what they have been in previous semesters.

    Interior Design Student Organization (IDSO)


    IDSO seeks to offer students at The New School an opportunity to broaden their interior design knowledge, network with other students and professionals in the field, and make connections with two major interior design organizations: the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and American Society of Interior Design (ASID).

    LEAP: Entrepreneurship Club at The New School


    Leading Endeavors with Action and Purpose (LEAP) provides an entrepreneurial community where people can bring and share their ideas and/or concerns related to their ongoing projects (scholarly or individual) and receive retroactive feedback from their peers.

    Media X Women


    Our mission is to build a vibrant network of women in the media industry, at every career level. MEDIA x WOMEN is a diversified group, dedicated to amplifying the accomplishments of women in media worldwide and supporting continued advancements through education, collaboration and community.

    Monitoring and Evaluation Collaboration Association (MECA)


    The New School's Monitoring and Evaluation Collaboration Association is a networking and skill building opportunity for New School students and alumni who would like to pursue, or already are pursuing, careers in Monitoring and Evaluation.

    National Retail Federation Student Association


    The purpose of the NRF Student Association at The New School is to further the NRF Foundation’s mission to develop retail’s future leaders through education, experiences, and scholarships and build an understanding of the industry through statistics and stories. The NRF Student Association aims to promote career and scholarship opportunities in the retail industry for New School students.

    Oikos NYC


    Oikos NYC is a student-led organization focused on social, economic, and ecological sustainability in the teaching and research of economics and management. Our goal is to strengthen action competence among young decision makers, increasing awareness and meaningful analysis of sustainable development and creating institutional support for learning and project implementation. We are a member of an international network of roughly 40 Oikos chapters worldwide, where student members turn ideas into action.



    PhotoFeast is a student organization at The New School. Its programming presents new perspectives and emerging insights in the visual and media arts and beyond. Its mission is to create a dialogue concerning how contemporary art is being shaped and interpreted. In response to these ideas, PhotoFeast will host lectures, workshops, panels, and various events to generate in-depth conversations.

    PROTOS Business Professional Society


    The purpose of PROTOS is to serve as both a true communal peer group able to offer business advice/expertise and a social network built to encourage long-lasting professional relationships that extend beyond the school environment. Combining the skill sets and unique perspectives of students from all five schools, PROTOS aims to bridge the gap between those who study business directly and those who are interested in implementing business alongside their main area of focus. PROTOS also provides an outlet for those who are seeking a real sense of community and wish to meet like-minded students who encourage academic excellence, life strategy, and the means to further explore potential business ventures. 

    Public and Urban Policy Doctoral Student Association


    The mission of the Public and Urban Policy Doctoral Student Association is to support and advocate for prospective students, current students, and alumni of the Public and Urban Policy Doctoral program at the New School.

    The New Voice (Toastmasters)


    The New Voice is a Toastmasters chapter at The New School. Toastmasters is a nonprofit educational organization consisting of clubs worldwide with the main purpose of improving members’ communication, public speaking, and leadership skills. The New Voice provides a supportive and positive learning environment to help individuals develop their oral communication and leadership skills and to build self-confidence and encourage personal growth.

    Verge NYC

    We, the MFA students of Transdisciplinary Design, are carrying on the legacy of the successful next-generation conference to bring together creative thinkers, field experts, and social change makers.

    Zine Collective


    The Zine Collective is an organization dedicated to creating, printing, and promoting student-driven magazines and published work. We create collectively, pooling resources and know-how, and then work with the University Student Senate to allocate a printing fund.

    Political Action and Advocacy

    Black Student Union


    We seek to highlight and discuss the intersections of identity that exist for Black students at The New School and serve as a primary advocacy organization for Black students.

    Communist Student Group


    We are situated in a specific historical stage of capitalism known as the era of imperialism. Imperialism or parasitic capitalism is a system which spreads war, violence, environmental destruction, exploitation, and subjugation across the globe in the name of carving up the world's resources for the benefit of the ruling class. Capitalism relies on and reproduces misogyny, homophobia, transphobia and racism. None of these forms of oppression can end until capitalism ends.

    La Xente


    The purpose of this organization shall be to hold space for Latinx students to come together to support one another in challenges and aspirations. Somos La XENTE. A Latinx re-organization para la communidad, de la communidad. We accept differencias and all
    definitions of Latinidad. We challenge Latinx stereotypes and stigmas. 

    Reading for Writers 


    Reading for Writers will gather readers and writers to discover and discuss the intersection between political and literary movements. The organization works to build a literary community at The New School by connecting global politics and literature.

    Sanctuary Working Group


    The Sanctuary Working Group (SWG) is a New School collective including undocumented and international students, allied students, and faculty and staff. SWG is working across the university to address deficits in creating a Sanctuary Campus that is safe and can provide adequate resources to members of its community affected by racist and anti-immigrant policies and everyday practices. SWG also collaborates with similar groups at NYU, Columbia, and CUNY to create and sustain cross-campus coalitions across the city.

    Students of the African Diaspora (SOAD)


    SOAD provides, secures, and creates a space that fosters production and growth, exchange, support, mentorship, activism, critical engagement, and consciousness building/awareness raising among students of the African Diaspora and the New School community at large.

    Where Is Critique?


    We serve as a platform committed to disclosing critiques of issues related to pedagogy and practice throughout our institution. We invite students and alumni from all departments and schools to gather for structured discussions, bringing forth critical reflection on The New School’s inception and pressing for its relevance today. In practice, this means holding our institution to account and using this to offer concrete alternatives to our present situation.

    International Interest

    Cantonese Student Association


    The Cantonese Student Association aims to promote Cantonese culture by preserving the language and creating a sense of belonging for students who are Cantonese. This group also provides students an opportunity to further develop their communication, leadership, and organizing skills.

    Chinese Student and Scholar Association


    The Chinese Student and Scholar Association aims to enhance the connection between the Chinese community and The New School. It is dedicated to provide support and resources for Chinese students and scholars and serves as a platform for the interaction of the Chinese community. We promote cultural exchange through organized activities.

    Middle Eastern Society


    The mission of the Middle Eastern Society is to provide support to students of Middle Eastern origin and to invite other students to engage in open dialogue.

    Somos OLA


    Somos OLA provides a platform and a space for students within The New School community to engage in the discussion of current events and challenges in Latin America.

    Taiwanese Student Association (TSA)


    The mission of this TSA is to provide opportunities for Taiwanese students at The New School to meet other Taiwanese students in the city and to provide assistance and advice for adjusting to the life in New York.

    Art, Music, and Performance

    Anime Club


    The purpose of the Anime Club is to provide a safe haven for those interested in anime and other surrounding aspects, and to create a community based on similar interests. Furthermore, the Anime Club hopes to educate others on anime-related topics.

    Glee Club


    By singing together, students in the Glee Club can build an enduring friendship with one another through music. By harmonizing with one another, we can use our similarities as well as our differences to help us join together as a team, leading us to becoming better singers and musicians. Singing is a healthy method of releasing stress and anxiety, which is what the Glee Club hopes to help students with.



    PGPH's mission is to create a space where artists can discuss and explore topics surrounding contemporary art, specifically photography. 

    Women in Music Collective 


    The Women in Music Collective is a student organization at The New School dedicated to serving music performers, producers, and industry workers (such as those interested in music business, music writing, etc.) who identify as women, trans and non-binary. This collective provides a space to those who wish to discuss and collaborate outside of a male-dominated setting, providing strength and unity among artists.

    Social and Special Interest

    The Leadership Collective 


    The Leadership Collective strives to foster a leadership culture at The New School and prepare students to take on leadership roles, on campus, off campus and in their own personal ventures. While catering to those who are already involved in leadership roles and want to improve, our goal is to also empower those who have not had the chance to express their leadership potential by helping them learn and imbibe the requisite skills, traits and confidence. We believe that having strong leadership skills will drive students not only to give back to the New School community, but also to go above and beyond in their future endeavors.

    National Society of Leadership and Success 


    The National Society of Leadership and Success has been established to create a support group that will help college students achieve their goals and better their lives, in the process building leaders who make a better world.

    New School Game Club


    The New School Game Club promotes the study and appreciation of games within the entire New School community, and serves as an outreach and contact point for the New York City game design community.

    New School Club for Sustainable Cities


    Join a group of New School students dedicated to exploring and expanding the links between the sustainability community in New York City and sustainability resources at The New School. Its main interests are renewable/sustainable energy, environmental justice, food issues, transportation systems, waste systems, responsible consumption, community engagement, and whimsy.

    Off-Campus + Commuter Connections (OCCC)


    Off-Campus + Commuter Connections (OCCC) aims to hold spaces for off-campus and commuter students to come together, connect with their New School peers, and share resources that are not easily accessible for off-campus students. Our goal is to organize and host monthly gatherings in the New York City areas from which students commute daily. These gatherings would include food, good conversation and interactive activities, as well as functions focused on addressing issues specific to the commuter student experience. We aim to collaborate with commuters who are interested in co-hosting events in their own neighborhoods, in order to best meet students where they live.

    The Queer Collective


    Mission Statement: The Queer Collective is a group of LGBTQIAGNC+ New School students and organizers for the intersectional queer university community. Our activities and events include parties, educational workshops, and brave spaces. Our aim is to create environments and resources that are fun, safer, and inclusive of the spectrum of genders and sexualities. 

    Sex-E Collective 


    Tea. Cookies. And everything your mother never told you about sex. Got questions about sexual health or want to discuss sexuality in a judgement-free space? Come sip tea and get Sex-E! Join The Sex-E Collective every Thursday from 1:00-2:00 in the Social Justice Hub.

    Faith-Based, Religious, Spiritual Interest

    Ecclesia Christian Ministry


    Ecclésia Christian Ministry is a graduate and undergraduate student group founded for the purpose of providing all students at The New School a place to learn about living an authentic Christian life where we experience the love of God and are transformed to impact the world. We want to have an international perspective on the Christian faith by looking at the global church, hosting scholarly seminars on faith and culture, and serving our campus, local communities, and beyond. We also want to explore how we can express our faith creatively through the use of art, music, and media.



    This organization is devoted to encountering God in a real, tangible way. We desire to experience personal and corporate spiritual growth and renewal, emotional wellness and soundness based in biblical precepts, and physical healing demonstrated through the power of God.

    Jewish Culture Club 


    Jewish Culture Club exists in order to create a welcoming community where all students regardless of faith or background can come to share appreciation for and learn about the Jewish culture and faith. Through the meetings and events, the club creates a space for students to meet other students with similar interests, to discuss ideas, and to celebrate their identity.

    SGI Buddhist Club


    New School Soka Gakkai is a Buddhist network that actively promotes peace, culture, and education through focus on continuous improvement and encouragement so that any dream can become a reality. We will foster and promote students' ambition so that they can be truly outstanding members of society. We will also discuss how to create a strong daily rhythm so that everyone can always triumph and overcome absolutely anything.

    Remnant Christian Fellowship


    We are a community that is striving to grow in our knowledge of God's heart, but at the same time grow in embracing the reality of His love and in turn be an encouragement and testimony of Christ to our campus. We truly desire to be a place where anyone can come, be themselves, and search for the peace that comes with understanding who God is through Jesus Christ.