• Student Activities Board

    The Student Activities Board (SAB) seeks to break down barriers between the formal schools of The New School to create a more unified student body. We hope to do this through supporting and producing student-generated events. Through our committees and members' efforts, we try to provide expertise and resources to students to help streamline the processes needed to provide a variety of educational and entertaining programs. If you are interested in paricipating you can apply online.


    • Joining—There are no specific requirements or experience needed for students who want to join the board. Full commitment is expected when joining the board.
    • Advisor—The SAB advisor is a staff member of the SLI who advises and provides expertise to the board regarding policies and procedures of The New School.
    • Executive Board—The executive board is composed of president, vice president, treasurer, and social media manager. With a focus on outreach to other student organizations and the operations for the board, the executive board ensures the smooth running of the organization. 
    • Community Events Coordinators—Responsible for the creation, execution, and promotion of events for the New School student community. 
    • General Assembly Committees (Program, Advertising, Catering, and Decoration)Works under the guidance of the community events coordinators. 

    Programming/Planning Procedures

    • Events are brainstormed and voted on unanimously as a group, usually the previous semester or summer. As new ideas come about, if timing, funding, and proper planning can be provided, the board may plan and implement programs.
    • The board works in rotating committees (optional), meaning members and chairs can change committees after each event.
    • No SAB member is bound to one committee.
    • Meetings of the whole board are held every week in order to update/give progress reports.
    • It is up to the board and committee chairs to make sure communication and tasks are implemented outside of the meetings.