• One-Time Programs and Events

    Degree-seeking students who would like to plan a program or event may submit a request to the Student Activities Finance Council (SAFC) to share details of their plan and request funding.

    The SAFC funds events and programs developed by New School students and registered student organizations. The money allocated is a funding source separate from the annual funds given to all registered student organizations. The goal of the committee is to support student-led programming fueled by passionate students on campus who support our social justice, academic, and community-building missions at The New School. Students can request up to $500 for a program or event but, if partnering with a student organization, more can be requested. We will be accepting funding requests throughout the summer (deadline below) for fall events. The SAFC will meet and email their decision by Friday of the following week.

    Summer deadline for fall 2018 events

    Friday, August 3, by 5:00 p.m.

    If you have any questions about SAFC funding, please email safc@newschool.edu.

  • What qualifies as a One-Time Program?

    One-Time Programs must meet all of the following criteria:

    • The proposed event is planned by a New School student(s) and reflects the needs and interests of our diverse student population.
    • The proposed event will take place on campus.
    • The proposed event is open to students in all schools and programs at The New School.

    What does not qualify as a One-Time Program?

    • Any event that relates to or is part of academic coursework or a class project
    • Any event that is part of another program or initiative
    • Any event that takes place off campus

    How do I apply to host a One-Time Program?

    To propose or request funding for a One-Time Program or event, complete a funding request and submit it to the Student Activities Finance Committee (SAFC). (Even if your event does not require funding, please submit the same request.) The deadline for requesting funds and/or proposing an event or program for the fall 2018 semester is Friday, August 3, at 5:00 p.m. The council will meet and email its decision by Friday of the following week. 

    What resources are available for a One-Time Program?

    Once a One-Time Program has been approved, student organizers will receive the following:

    • Up to $500 in funding
    • Room reservation privileges
    • Advertising support through on-campus and social media channels
    • Digital marketing through the Student Leadership and Involvement social media outlets and the digital easels across campus, addition to the university events calendar, and inclusion in the weekly SLI newsletter