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    Natasha Chuk, PhD, is a scholar whose work focuses on media objects and their relations to creativity and language, particularly their ability to achieve restraint. She teaches courses on a variety of subjects, including film theory, aesthetics, art history, and media studies.

    Recent Publications:

    ‘Self-­Made: Constructing Identity at the Threshold between Virtuality and Reality’ in Denise Doyle and Jacov Sharir, Eds. Metaverse Creativity Journal  (Intellect, Ltd., November 2016).


    Vanishing Points: Articulations of Death, Fragmentation, and the Unexperienced Experience of Created Objects (Bristol: Intellect Ltd., September 2015).


    "Digital Steps of Protest, Re-­enactment, and Networked Interaction: Joseph DeLappe’s Salt Satyagraha Project" In Denise Doyle, Ed. New Opportunities for Artistic Practice in Virtual Worlds (IGI Global Press, June 2015).                              



    “The Importance of Abstraction” First Person Scholar Journal (September 23, 2015).


    “The Language of Repetition” Interartive Journal: Original vs. Copy Special Issue #75 (July 2015).

    “Mapping the Spaces in Between” Dissect Journal (Issue #2, June 2015).

    Research Interests:

    film theory, interactive media, computer culture, art history, continental philosophy