Public Engagement

Online Learning

  • The New School for Public Engagement is committed to meeting the diverse learning needs of our students. Among those commitments are online course and program offerings conducted in an asynchronous environment, which means students and teachers are not online at the same time but rather are 'in the classroom' whenever they log into their courses.

    Many students need and enjoy the flexibility provided by online study; others like the type of learning that occurs online, in which students have extended time beyond what the classroom allows to reflect and formulate their thoughts before sharing with the class. Students can read the materials, read the teacher's and other students' responses, consider their own input, revise that input, and reflect on their learning in a more relaxed and less pressured fashion than in-person or synchronous experiences permit. It's for this reason that many students who could take an in-person class elect to enroll in online courses instead. They report a deeper learning and more stress-free experience than they may experience attending in-person classes.

    Online learning isn't for everyone; neither are in-person seminars, lectures and workshops. Some students like the mixture of learning types, for the different experiences they provide. NSPE tries to provide multiple types of learning for multiple types of learners.

    Because many students haven't participated in online learning in their previous educational experiences, we help you to learn in an online environment and our teachers are specially trained and supported to make your online learning a rich experience. Students may elect to do some or all of their coursework online, and may complete approved degree programs entirely online as well.