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    Raj Persaud is director of strategic initiatives for a large New York State Health Insurance Company. Among his many responsibilities are the development of strategic plans for five major divisions, the development and implementation of corporate action plans based on the results of the annual employee survey, and the evaluation and monitoring of corporate and divisional performance in collaboration with senior management.

    He has also managed the activities of the Corporate Operations Training Department. In that role he led the development and training efforts to support systems and product conversions. He also actively participated in the company’s Strategic Management and Implementation Initiatives as a certified problem solving, quality improvement, and business process improvement instructor. Mr. Persaud also served as the chairman of the diversity council within the company.

    Mr. Persaud received a BS in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Guyana and an MA in Biology and Education from Lehman College.

    Current Courses:

    Quantitative Methods

    Quantitative Methods (Spring 2019)