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    Manjari Mahajan

    Assistant Professor of International Affairs

    Office Location:

    Fanton Hall/Welcome Center


    Manjari Mahajan’s work lies at the intersection of Science and Technology Studies, Development Studies, and Anthropology. Her research and teaching are on the topics of global health, politics of expertise, philanthrocapitalism, intellectual property, social and economic rights and judicialization of health, science policy, data for development, and governance for environment and agriculture. At the broadest level, her work seeks to understand the relationships between scientific knowledge and democratic politics, and how they produce particular types of governance and public reason. She is interested in technical practices, institutions, and political economies at both national and international levels. Much of her empirical focus has been on India and South Africa, and more recently, on global organizations such as the Gates Foundation.

    Mahajan has a forthcoming book titled “Constituting Global Health: Expertise and Emergency in the AIDS Epidemics of India and South Africa.”  Her next book is on how global health agendas are being shaped by philanthropic organizations in the United States. The book focuses on the Gates Foundation and the influence it exerts on global health not only through its financial clout but also through shaping knowledge platforms. She has a new research project on the ecologies and politics of data production for development and health.

    Mahajan received her PhD in Science and Technology Studies from Cornell University in 2008. She holds a MSc in Science Policy from SPRU at Sussex University, and a BA from Harvard University. Before joining The New School, she had a two-year postdoctoral fellowship from the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) and the Institute for Public Knowledge at New York University. She is on the Faculty Advisory Board of the India-China Institute at The New School.

    Recent Publications:

    “The Shifting Landscape of Global Health Metrics: The IHME and Accountability of Global Knowledge,” Global Policy Journal, forthcoming in 2018 as part of a special issue on the SDGs.

    “Philanthropy and the Nation-State in Global Health: The Gates Foundation in India,” Global Public Health, December 2017.

    "Rethinking Prevention: Shifting Conceptualizations of Evidence and Intervention in South Africa’s AIDS epidemic," BioSocieties, August 2017.

    “The Right to Health as Right to Treatment: Shifting Conceptions of Public Health,” Social Research, Winter 2012.

    “HIV/AIDS, Security and Conflict: New Realities, New Responses,” Co-authored with Alex de Waal and Jennifer Klot, Forced Migration Review, 2010.

    “Designing Epidemics: Models, Policymaking, and Global Foreknowledge in India’s AIDS Crisis,” Science and Public Policy, 35(8), October 2008.

    Research Interests:

    Science and technology studies, global health, biotechnology, postcolonial democracies, development, intellectual property, humanitarian emergencies, India, South Africa.