Public Engagement

  • Faculty

    Academic Leadership

    Program Chair and Chair, Conflict and Security Concentration
    Stephen J. Collier
    Associate Professor, International Affairs

    Chair, Cities and Social Justice Concentration
    Michael A. Cohen
    Professor, International Affairs

    Chair, Development Concentration
    Sakiko Fukuda-Parr
    Professor, International Affairs

    Chair, Governance and Rights Concentration
    Everita Silina
    Assistant Professor, International Affairs

    Chair, Media and Culture Concentration
    Sean Jacobs
    Associate Professor, International Affairs

    Director, International Field Programs
    Fabiola Berdiel

    Coordinator, Practicum in International Affairs
    Mark Johnson, Assistant Professor, Practice

    Associate Director, Academic Programs
    Philip J. Akre

    Teaching and Research Faculty

    Barbara Adams Lecturer, International Affairs

    Thomas Aleinikoff Lecturer, International Affairs

    Charles Allison Associate Professor of Professional Practice
    sustainability; urban and economic policy; renewable energy; investor responsibility

    Jonathan Bach Associate Professor of Global Studies
    Germany; China; post-socialism; memory; political economy; urbanization 

    Michael Cohen Professor of International Affairs
    urban policy; economic development; Latin America

    Stephen J. Collier Associate Professor of International Affairs
    neoliberalism; social welfare; vital systems security; post-socialism; urban planning

    Jaskiran K. Dhillon Assistant Professor of Global Studies (GPIA Affiliate Faculty)
    settler colonialism; indigenous studies; anthropology of the state; youth; ethnography

    Anna DiLellio Assistant Professor of International Affairs
    ethics of war; humanitarian intervention; cultural memory, nationalism

    Max Fraad-Wolff Assistant Professor of International Affairs
    international finance; macroeconomics; financial risk; development

    Sakiko Fukuda-Parr Professor of International Affairs
    development economics; human development and capabilities; food security; social and economic rights; feminist economics

    Alec Ian Gershberg Associate Professor of Urban Policy
    education policy; public finance; international development; social policy

    Cyril Ghosh Lecturer, International Affairs
    democratic inclusion; political theory; American political culture; immigration

    Eduardo Gonzalez-Cueva Lecturer, International Affairs
    transitional justice; truth commissions; human rights; truth and reconciliation

    Glenna Gordon Lecturer, International Affairs
    documentary photography; West Africa; representation; visual politics

    Margarita Gutman Professor of Urban Studies and International Affairs
    urban studies; urban futures and histories; Latin America

    Robin Hayes Assistant Professor of Nonprofit Management and Urban Policy
    social justice; race, inequality, and politics; documentary filmmaking; African diaspora

    Barry Herman Assistant Professor of International Affairs
    public finance; microfinance; development; debt

    Peter Hoffman Assistant Professor of International Affairs
    international organizations; humanitarianism; conflict analysis; privatization of security; global commodity chains

    Sean Jacobs Associate Professor of International Affairs
    media; globalization; liberal democracy; political culture; sports; South Africa

    Mark Johnson Assistant Professor of Practice
    monitoring and evaluation; practice-based learning; humanitarian aid; refugee resettlement

    Tony Karon Lecturer, International Affairs
    nationalism; Jewish identity; Middle East; global football/soccer

    Nina Khrushcheva Professor of International Affairs
    global media and culture; world politics; Russia; propaganda; Hollywood

    David Lamoureux Assistant Professor of International Affairs
    neoclassical economics; contemporary economic thought; international trade

    L.H.M. Ling Professor of International Affairs
    postcolonial feminist theorizing; non-Western approaches; Daoist dialogics; gender-as-analytic

    Christopher London Assistant Professor of International Affairs
    political ecology; radical democracy; social change; rural studies

    Peter Lucas Assistant Professor of International Affairs
    human rights; participatory media; documentary film; youth media; peace education

    Manjari Mahajan Assistant Professor of International Affairs
    science and technology studies; global health; biotechnology; postcolonial democracy; humanitarian emergencies; India; South Africa

    Scott Martin Assistant Professor of International Affairs
    sustainable development; labor; social policy; multinational industry; Latin America

    Erin McCandless Assistant Professor of International Affairs
    peacebuilding; development; conflict; statebuilding

    Shagun Mehrotra Assistant Professor of Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management
    infrastructure economics; global goals; climate change; slums; urban planning

    Stephen Metts Lecturer, International Affairs
    GIS; spatial analysis; urban planning; open data

    Alberto Minujin Assistant Professor of International Affairs
    child rights; poverty; inequality; development; Latin America

    William Morrish Professor of Urban Ecologies, Parsons
    urban ecologies; social compact; housing; infrastructure

    Daniel Naujoks Lecturer, International Affairs
    international migration; development; citizenship; diaspora

    Fabio Parasecoli Associate Professor of Food Studies
    food studies; global food systems; global trade; intellectual property; development

    Nerina Penzhorn Lecturer, International Affairs
    documentary filmmaking; video production; media for advocacy

    Dean Piedmont Lecturer, International Affairs
    conflict prevention; peacebuilding; disarmament; reintegration

    Filip Pospisil Lecturer, International Affairs

    Judit Rius Lecturer, International Affairs

    Yana Rodgers Lecturer, International Affairs

    John Rudolph Lecturer, International Affairs
    documentary film; immigration; journalism; cities

    Everita Silina Assistant Professor of International Affairs
    democratic theory; political economy; critical theory; genocide; ethnic conflict

    Nidhi Srinivas Associate Professor of Management
    critical theory; NGOs and civil society; critical management; postcolonial studies

    Sheba Mukhtar Tejani Assistant Professor of International Affairs
    gender and labor; feminization and defeminization; economics

    Anastasia Thatcher Marceau Lecturer, International Affairs

    Nisha Varia Lecturer, International Affairs
    human rights; women’s rights; migration; forced labor; trafficking

    Gabriel Vignoli Lecturer, International Affairs
    black markets; governance; neoliberalism; Cuba

    Antina von Schnitzler Assistant Professor of International Affairs
    infrastructure; neoliberalism; protest and social movements; postcoloniality; South Africa

    Maxine Weisgrau Assistant Professor of International Affairs
    development theory and history; gender; NGOs; India

    Richard Wolff Assistant Professor of International Affairs
    political economy; global economic crisis; challenges to capitalism; economic development