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    Everita Silina

    Assistant Professor of International Affairs


    Everita Silina completed her Ph.D. in Political Science at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University. Her research interests include theories of justice, representation and democracy in post-national context, political economy and theories of integration, the European Union and the politics of Europeanization, human rights and international law. Her research has focused on theories of justice and social contract, especially, models of democratic legitimacy, and the new governance mechanisms in the European Union. At the core of this research is a concern with the apparent incommensurability between the notions of justice crafted in a context of nation states and the increasing integration of financial and economic spheres at regional and global levels. Currently she is working on a project with Sheri P. Rosenberg at the Program in Holocaust and Human Rights Studies, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law that reassesses the concept of genocide by combining international law, human rights and political spheres of inquiry. She has co-authored a study called Genocide by Attrition, an excerpt of which has been published as a chapter in Joyce Apsel and Ernesto Verdeja edited volume Genocide Matters: Ongoing Issues and Emerging Perspectives (Routledge 2013). Everita chaired the International Field Program in Hong Kong for many years and currently chairs the IFP in Istanbul.


    Current Courses:

    Boundaries and Belonging

    Boundaries and Belonging

    Boundaries and Belonging

    Ethnic Conflict and Genocide

    Global Governance

    Global Governance (Spring 2019)

    International Fieldwork

    Lab-Intl Field Sem (Spring 2019)

    Thesis Supervision (Spring 2019)