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    Yael Even Or

    Even Or, Yael

    Yael Even Or, an Israeli native, came to the Studley Graduate Program in International Affairs (SGPIA) with an interest in approaching international affairs through the lens of media and journalism. Though she had some journalism experience, she had never produced an audio story—or any story in the English language—until she took an International Affairs Media and Culture concentration class called "Feet in 2 Worlds." Reflecting on the experience, Yael says, “creating radio stories is obviously very different from writing stories for the web or print. As a journalist in the U.S. who’s not a native English speaker, it was kind of like discovering a new, universal language. It was great.” 

    Professor Sean Jacobs, who served as Yael’s faculty advisor, encouraged her to make her first steps in American journalism after moving to the U.S. from Tel Aviv. "He pushed me to learn and hone various skills while in the program, which is how I found myself exploring radio, which is now my passion and a full-time job," says Yael. 

    Since receiving her MA in International Affairs with a concentration in Media and Culture, Yael’s reporting and commentary pieces have appeared in The Washington Post, PRI, WNYC, The Jewish Daily Forward, Tablet Magazine, Okay Africa, Africa is a Country, and The South African Daily Maverick.
    Yael intends to keep reporting about immigration issues, focusing on events in the Middle East and Africa and has recently been awarded the South African Taco Kuiper Grant to pursue an investigative project in the region.