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Academic Advising

  • Advising is a highly important aspect of the student experience in any graduate program. The School of Media Studies offers a range of advising support to students working toward the MA or MS degree in Media Studies.

    The Student Advisor

    We have on staff a graduate student advisor who is an alumnus of the program. The benefits of this are 1) an alumnus can offer students a holistic perspective of the program, and 2) it allows faculty advisors to build a more qualitative connection with their students, while the student advisor, with the Media Studies office staff, can assist them with administrative and programmatic needs, such as:

    • Administrative support and special requests (e.g., clarifying university and/or program policies and procedures)
    • Course selection
    • Degree audits
    • Navigation of the university structure
    • Program requirements

    Advising Hours: Mondays and Tuesdays, 12:30 - 5:00 p.m.
    Phone: 212.229.8903 x4056
    Location: 2 West 13th Street, room 1300

    Faculty Advisors

    You select a faculty advisor from the full-time Media Studies faculty. Various sub-disciplines in the field of media studies are represented among the faculty. As you progress in your course of study, we want you to be self-directed and proactive in seeking guidance from an instructor who shares your interests. Please review our faculty profiles and select a faculty advisor based on your own academic and professional goals. The faculty advisor will help you:

    • Assess your academic needs
    • Formulate your goals and objectives
    • Plan your course of study and your post-graduate career path

    Visit the SMS Faculty Advising Schedule for information on making appointments.

    Use the degree audit sheet to track your progress: