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    DAVID NEGRIN is a screenwriter, non-profit founder, and professor of film and television. He teaches introduction and advanced writing for film and television at The New School and Hofstra University. He is Executive Director of the NYC Screenwriters Collective, the largest non-profit screenwriting workshop in New York City. He is Host of 'The Script' Podcast and moderator of @ScriptFeed. He grew up in New York City and is an alumnus of The Bronx High School of Science. 

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    By Appointment

    Degrees Held:

    B.S. Computer Science

    M.F.A. Cinema Arts

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    NYC Screenwriters Collective:

    Research Interests:

    Virtual Reality

    Transmedia Narratives

    Immersive Narratives

    Writing Workshop Methodology

    Current Courses:

    Screenwriting 3 (Open Campus)

    Intro to Writing for Screen (Open Campus)

    Intro to Writing for Screen

    Screenwriting 3