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  • Leo Schmitt

    Assistant Professor of English Language Studies in MATESOL


    Office Location
    A - Alvin Johnson/J.M. Kaplan Hall - 66 West 12th Street

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    Leo Schmitt


    T. Leo Schmitt has lived in seven countries and visited dozens more. He has extensive experience in intercultural communication and speaks multiple languages. He has used this knowledge to enhance his work with international students both as an administrator and faculty member in a wide variety of environments over twenty-five years.

    He has an MA and MPhil in linguistics from the CUNY Graduate Center and is now completing his doctorate. He currently teaches at The New School, Lehman College, and the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

    His research interests include second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, corpus linguistics, intercultural communication, language and power, and the interaction between these and other linguistic phenomena. 

    Degrees Held

    MA and MPhil in Lingustics

    ABD in Linguistics

    Professional Affiliation

    TESOL International, Former chair of Higher Education Interest Section; Former chair of Intensive English Programs Interest Section, 

    NYSTESOL, Vice President of Communications

    Recent Publications

    Schmitt, L. (2014). Complexity Theory through the Lens of a Wiki Writing Assignment. Perspectives, 22(2), 13-20.

    Schmitt, L. (2014). Student Attitudes to Wikis in an Online Class. In M. Dodigovic (Ed.), Attitudes to Technology in ESL/EFL Pedagogy. 128-143. Dubai: TESOL Arabia Publications. 

    Schmitt, L. (2011). Emerging Technologies: “ICALL and WERTi”. Perspectives, 18 (1), 27-31.

    Schmitt, L. (2010). Review of The LEAST You Should Know about English by P. Wilson & T. Ferster Glazier. TESOL Higher Education Interest Section Newsletter, 3 (1).

    Schmitt, L. (2010). Working Together: Bringing Muslim Students into the ESL Classroom. TESOL Connections, March 2010 (reprinted from TESOL Intercultural Communication Newsletter).

    Schmitt, L. (2009). Review of World Around by M. Cleary. Perspectives, 16(1), 29-32. 

    Schmitt, L. (2009). Working Together: Bringing Muslim Students into the ESL Classroom. TESOL Intercultural Communication Newsletter, 7(3).

    Schmitt, L. (2008). Using Wikis to Support the Academic Writing Process. In P. Davidson, J. Shewell, and W.J. Moore (Eds.), Educational Technology in the Arabian Gulf: Theory, Research and Pedagogy. 325-334. Dubai:TESOL Arabia Publications.

    Schmitt, L. (2008). Ten Benefits of Using Wikis in Perspectives, 15(2). 

    Schmitt, L. (2007). Review of Role Plays for Today by J. Anderson. Perspectives, 14(2).

    2010-2014: Contracted columnist of “Grammatically Speaking” for TESOL Connections

    Performances and Appearances

    Presented at TESOL International Conference 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

    Presented at American Association of Applied Linguistics, TESOL Arabia, TESOL Spain, NELTA, CTELT, MCES, NYS TESOL, International Coaching Federation, Penn TESOL East, Language Center ELT Conference Oman, ELTS Conference, TALFL.

    Research Interests

    Sociolinguistics, Second Language Development, Bilingualism, Complex Dynamic Systems Theory, Onomastics, Lexical-syntactic interface, Formative Assessment, Technology and the Classroom, Technology and Language, Linguistic Imperialism, Language and Identity, Autism and Language, Intercultural Communication

    Current Courses

    IS: Professional Projects (Spring 2019)

    Language Analysis: Phonology (Spring 2019)

    Language Analysis:Grammar

    Methods and Materials:Skills

    Methods and Materials:Systems

    Methods and Materials:Systems (Spring 2019)

    Principles of LL & Teaching

    Social Justice and Language

    Social Justice and Language (Spring 2019)

    Social Justice and Language

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