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    John Peter Didato is an award winning director, producer and editor. John has edited numerous television shows including Sesame Street, Count TV, 3,2,1 Let’s Go!; as well as, the first Sesame Street podcasts and the internet video Cookie Monster Should Host Saturday Night Live. John has also produced and directed videos for Sesame Workshop, Pfizer, SAP and other Fortune 500 companies; produced runway shows for Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria’s Secret; and produced commercials, videos and television programs for RCA Records, CBS and AMC among others.

    Current Courses:

    Digital Video Product Tech Lab (Spring 2020)

    Film 2 CT Lab (Spring 2019)

    Film 2: Intermediate Lab (Spring 2020)

    Media Practices: Dig Vid Prod (Spring 2020)

    Projects: Dig Vid Edit