ESL and Design Certificate Curriculum | The New School

Public Engagement


  • All courses in the ESL + Design Certificate are offered every semester.

    Schedule of classes

    Fall and Spring Semesters

    Class Day Time
    Grammar Mon. and Wed. 9am-10:40am
    Listening and Speaking Mon. and Wed. 1:50pm-3:40pm
    Writing Tues. and Thurs. 9am-10:40am
    Reading Tues. and Thurs. 1:50pm-3:40pm
    Design and Language Studio Fri. 12:10pm-2:40pm or 3:50pm-6:20pm

    Summer Semester

    Class Day Time
    Grammar Mon. and Wed. 9am-12pm
    Listening and Speaking Mon. and Wed. 1:40pm-3:40pm
    Writing Tues. and Thurs. 9am-12pm
    Reading Tues. and Thurs. 1:40pm-3:40pm
    Design and Language Studio Fri. 12:10pm-2:40pm or 3:50pm-6:20pm

    Course Descriptions

    ESL Courses

    ESL courses are offered in fall, spring, and summer terms. The full-time curriculum involves 18 hours in class per week for 12 weeks in the fall and spring and 10 weeks in the summer.

    Grammar of English

    In the Intensive English Program at the New School, students learn more than just a set of grammar rules. At all levels, the emphasis is on how students use grammar in speaking and writing. Grammar classes are lively and active, with reading, discussion, videos, songs, presentations, games and writing as well as more traditional exercises and quizzes.

    Academic Writing

    Our writing program takes students through the process of writing paragraphs and essays from prewriting to organizing, drafting, and revising. At each level, students learn the sentence structure, vocabulary, and writing techniques that will help them express themselves clearly in academic English.

    Listening and Speaking

    In these classes, students have practice speaking and listening in a variety of informal and formal settings. They learn idioms and phrasal verbs, practice difficult pronunciation patterns and sounds, and acquire good presentation skills. Listening practice includes movies, Youtube videos, and lectures.

    Reading and Vocabulary

    Our reading program aims to increase our students' reading speed, understanding, confidence and enjoyment through practicing reading skills, building vocabulary, and reading a variety of longer and shorter texts at the appropriate level. Students are expected to be able to talk and write about the texts in detail as well as answer questions about the texts on quizzes.

    Design and Language Studio

    In this course, offered through Parsons The New School of Design, students who are studying in the ESL + Design Certificate Program will develop their language skills through studio art and design practice. Exercises and projects are based on themes in the city where students will work collaboratively and do active field research in the urban environment. Multiple art and design disciplines will be explored and students will complete both independent and group projects. Students gain experience speaking in studio discussions, collaborating in groups, writing about projects and gaining art and design terminology vital for studio practice. This class can replace the regular Listening and Speaking class at Level 5 or 6.