Public Engagement

Civic Engagement

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    The Schools of Public Engagement are committed to carrying forward the university's longstanding tradition of civic engagement and social innovation.

    In an age of increasing disciplinary overspecialization and academic insularity, we aim to reconnect higher education with the larger society. The purpose of this commitment is not only to enact change in the world, but also to challenge the conventions of learning and citizenship and reunite the culture of scholarship with the culture of change-making.

    We believe that civic engagement aimed at addressing real-world issues is imperative and belongs at the heart of higher education. We aim to bring interdisciplinary problem solving to the forefront of our work through our courses and curriculum, our projects and partnerships with various institutions and organizations, and our funding opportunities for students and faculty members working to solve real-world problems. Our stories and profiles demonstrate the creativity and engagement of our faculty, students, and alumni. Their stories are inspiring, and they are only the beginning.

    Our community engages with some of the most important ideas of our time—exploring the possibilities of democratic citizenship, education, and the symbiosis between the two. Ours is an exciting and challenging journey, one of bridge building, problem solving, and critical thinking. We hope you will join us.