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    Jennifer Wilson

    Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs; Associate Professor of Mathematics


    As a practicing mathematician in a Liberal Arts College, I am interested in a broad range of mathematics. My research is focused on mathematics applied to the social sciences, particularly game theory, fair division, voting and allocation problems. I am also interested in the visual tools and metaphors used to convey mathematical meaning and am a member of the Parsons’ based Visualizing Finance Lab which looks at the intersection of narrative visualization, financial literacy and behavioral economics.

    Degrees Held:

    PhD, Mathematics, Princeton University;
    MA, Mathematics, Princeton University;
    BSc, University of British Columbia

    Professional Affiliations:

    • American Mathematical Society
    • Mathematical Association of America
    • Association for Women in Mathematics

    Recent Publications:

    • "Rankings over Time," M.A. Jones, A. Webb & J. Wilson, College Math Journal. 46(3), 242-248, 2016.
    • The geometry of adding up votes," M.A. Jones and J. Wilson, Mathematics Horizons, 24(1), 5-9, 2016.
    • "Adjusting Child Support Payments in Michigan," M.A. Jones and J. Wilson, College Math Journal 46(1) 3-9, 2015.
    • "The dynamcis of consistent bankrupcty rules," M.A. Jones and J. Wilson,  in Contemporary Mathematics Volume, AMS Sepcial Session on Decisions, Elections and Games, eds. K. Crisman, & M.A. Jones, American Mathmatial Society, Providence, RI, 2014.
    • "Two-step coalition values for multichoice games," M.A. Jones and J. Wilson, Math Meth Oper Res 77(1), 65-99, 2013.
    • “Designing Financial Literacy: Research x Community," A. Fry, C. Overby & J. Wilson, in Learn x Design: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference for Design Education Researchers Vol 2, eds. R. Vandzande, E. Bohemia & I. Digranes, p. 655-673, 2015.
    • "Teaching the design of narrative visualization: behavioral economics and financial literacy," A. Fry, J. Wilson and C. Overby, Studies in Material Thinking 11, 2014.
    • "Teaching the design of narrative visualization for financial literacy," A. Fry, J. Wilson & C. Overby, Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education, 12(2) 159-275, 2013.
    • “Multilinear Extensions and Values for Multichoice Games,” M.A. Jones and J. Wilson, Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, 72, p.145-169, 2010.
    • “Apportionment in the Democratic Primary Process,” K.A. Geist*, M.A. Jones and J. Wilson. Mathematics Teacher, 104 (3), p. 214-220, 2010.
    • “Evaluation of Thresholds for Power Mean-based and Other Divisor Methods of Apportionment,” M.A. Jones and J. Wilson, Math. Soc. Sci. 59, p. 323-348, 2010.
    • “Cutoffs and Thresholds in the Democratic Primaries,” M.A. Jones and J. Wilson, UMAP Journal, 31(3), p. 197-214, 2010.

    Research Interests:

    Cooperative game theory, Social choice theory, Visual representation of mathematics.

    Awards And Honors:

    • 2005 Provost Professional Development Grant

    Current Courses:

    Dean's Honor Symposium (Spring 2020)

    Ind Senior Work

    Ind Senior Work (Spring 2020)

    Independent Study

    Independent Study (Spring 2020)