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    Nicole Burdette is a playwright and an actress. Her adaptation of her play Chelsea Walls was made into a film, which premiered at Cannes and was released by Lion’s Gate Films. In 2001 she received the Best Screenplay Award from the Newport Film Festival for a script she co-wrote, Maze, starring Laura Linney.

    Nicole co-founded and named the Naked Angels theater company in 1986, where many of her plays have been produced. The Bluebird Special Came Through Here (directed by Rebecca Miller), Busted (directed by Timothy Hutton, starring Ashley Judd), Chelsea Walls (directed by Edwin Sherin) and many others. Nicole was the recipient of the Agnes Ranjo Capps Fellowship for playwriting in conjunction with The University of Montana’s Montana Repertory Theatre in 2008.

    Nicole has served as adjunct faculty at both Columbia University’s Film School as well as their Writing Program. Nicole graduated with honors from New York University with a triple major in Acting, Writing and the Humanities.

    As an actress Nicole has worked with directors Robert Redford, Martin Scorsese, Robert Redford, David Lynch, Alan Parker, John Patrick Shanley, Kenneth Lonergan, Matthew Broderick, David Salle, Alan Taylor, Michael Mayer, Ethan Hawke, etc. in both theater and film.

    Nicole’s poetry, fiction and non –fiction have been published in several magazines and books.