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    Luis Galli

    Instructor of Spanish

    Office Location:

    Alvin Johnson/J.M. Kaplan Building


    Professor Galli began teaching at The New School in 2002. He has taught all levels of Spanish and created unique and advanced courses combined with Drama such s Theater in Spanish, Cita en Espanol, Amores de Telenovela etc. He has served as Coordinator of Spanish, Coordinator of Drama and movement and currently as Coordinator of Foreign Languages Tutoring. He graduated from Universidad de Lima and got sponsored by the British Council to pursue his MA in Environmental Law. Professor Galli has worked in law firms in Peru and at the United Nations in Switzerland before changing careers. His second MA was in Advertising and Marketing while working for the U.N  In 2001came to NY graduating from the M.F.A. program Actor’s Studio in 2004 and has worked in 40 plays off & off-off Broadway and 17 films (ImdB) internationally. Prof. Galli has directed for stage and co-produced for feature films and TV series currently airing in TV. During summers Prof. Galli has taught drama workshops in Europe such as Warsaw Film Institute etc. He participates in Conferences and International film festivals. For more information about Professor Galli work as an actor,  

    Office Hours:

    Currently in Sabbatical leave until August 2018

    Degrees Held:

    Master in Fine Arts at The ACtor's Studio, New School University, NY, U.S.A.

    Master in Advertising and Marketing at Ecole Superior SAWI, Lausanne, Switzerland

    Master in Environmental Law at De Montfort University, Leicester, U.K. sponsored by the British Council

    Law and Political Sciences (J.D.) University of Lima, Peru

    Professional Affiliations:

    Lima, Law Bar Association,

    AEA Equity actors Association, N.Y. ,U.S.A.

    HOLA Hispanic Orgnization of Latino Actors N.Y., U.S.A.

    SAG-AFTRA (Eligible) Screen Actors Guild N.Y., U.S.A.

    G.I.A.A. Guild of Italian American Actors, N.Y., U.S.A.

    Regatas LIma Chorrillos Club, Lima, Peru 

    Recent Publications:

    Varios publications for University of San Marcos(2016), University Ricardo Palma (2013), University of Barcelona (2016) . 

    Performances And Appearances:

    40 plays off and off off Broadway, Switzerland and Peru.

    Several appearences in TV and International Film Festivals such as CINE LAS AMERICAS INternational Film Festival  2015(Austin, Texas), Lima International Film Festival 2013, 2014, 2015, The New York Latino FIlm Festival by HBO (2017), The New York Latin Market Festival (2017) 

    Research Interests:

    Teaching Languages and Drama

    Teaching Languages through Theater

    Film, Television and stage (Acting, directing, productin and teaching)

    Social Justice

    Awards And Honors:

    HOLA award for best actor in a movie "Teresa, The libertador's Fiance"/ "La Amante del Libertador' 2014, N.Y.C., U.S.A.

    Nomination for Teaching Excellence at The New School, 2008, N.Y.C., U.S.A.