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    Bea Banu

    Professor of Philosophy


    Dr. Banu earned her PhD in philosophy from City University Graduate Center in New York. She has taught at Hunter College, Brooklyn College, New York University and Parsons School of Design. She is the co-editor of a book which uses literature to introduce young students to the problems of ethics. After 25 years of teaching, she turned her attention to administration. Here at The New School she has been chair of Parsons Liberal Studies and Associate Provost of the University. Before rejoining the faculty in 2004, she was Dean of Eugene Lang College. Dr. Banu’s interests in the visual arts and modernism distracted her from the study of ethics, which still holds a fascination for her, and focused her attention on the study of philosophy of art and aesthetics. She taught courses in philosophy of art and aesthetics, ethics, and general philosophy for most of her career. Her interest in aesthetics led her to Food Studies, which she now chairs.  She also teaches Intro to Food Studies online. 

    Current Courses:

    Intro to Food Studies

    Pathways to Learning (Spring 2020)