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    Richard Huff is an award-winning journalist, author and photographer who has spent most of his adult life in, around and teaching journalism and communications. A storyteller at heart, he’s inspired by finding, creating and sharing stories that help inform, engage and entertain for all platforms. He was on the staff of the New York Daily News for 19 years as a writer, editor and columnist. While at the Daily News he covered some of the biggest stories of our lifetime as well as some that didn’t matter so much. Previously, he worked at Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and smaller newspapers. He currently works as a communications executive at CBS News. He is passionate about photography, exploring ways to tell stories using mobile platforms, and experimenting with the data we all leave behind online to figure out what it can tell us about the universe. He is the author of more than 10 books on such topics as reality television and stock car racing. His freelance work has appeared in JEMS, 1st Responder, Old House Journal and USA Weekend. Away from journalism, Huff is a volunteer EMT and a frequent speaker on communications, public relations and patient care at national and regional Emergency Medical Service conferences.

    Degrees Held:

    MS, Media Management, The New School BS, The New School

    Research Interests:

    Journalism, writing, data journalism, multi-platform communications, visual arts, social media, communcations, education, digital communications, Internet, photography, web, technology, new media, old media

    Current Courses:

    Citizen Journalist (Spring 2020)

    DIY Public Relations

    DIY Public Relations (Spring 2020)

    DIY Public Relations (Open Campus)

    Journalism Basics: Digital Era

    Journalism Basics: Digital Era (Open Campus)