the school of drama at the new school expands longstanding partnership with naked angels

The School of Drama at The New School

NEW YORK, March 12, 2024 – The School of Drama at The New School is thrilled to announce the expansion of its partnership with Naked Angels, a prominent figure in New York City’s theater community. Now entering its tenth year, this collaboration underscores the School of Drama’s commitment to nurturing creativity, collaboration, and professional growth among emerging artists.

Since 2013, Naked Angels has been part of the School of Drama’s creative community, bringing diverse and innovative voices together to enrich the theatrical landscape. This partnership fosters artistic exchange and provides invaluable learning opportunities for students.

The esteemed “1st Mondays at The New School” series is part of the partnership's expansion. This series is a vital platform for emerging playwrights from Naked Angels’ Tuesdays@9 community to showcase their work, providing them invaluable exposure and networking opportunities. School of Drama students interact with and learn from these emerging talents, gaining insights into the creative process and forging meaningful connections within the industry. 

This partnership offers emerging writers access to professional spaces at The New School where they can develop their full-length plays. The reading series enhances the educational experience of School of Drama students and provides them with hands-on opportunities to participate as actors in Naked Angels productions.

“Our partnership with Naked Angels is the embodiment of many of our core values and goals,” said Jermaine Hill, Dean of the School of Drama at The New School. “We are committed to being a preeminent destination for new work development and production. Our students are able to work alongside and network with a diverse array of emerging and established professional playwrights, actors, directors, and theater-makers who represent the best and brightest in the industry. I am thrilled that we are able to open our doors to friends and family of The New School and Naked Angels, and to the community of artists in New York City in this deeply meaningful and important way.”

“The School of Drama and Naked Angels Theater partnership has surpassed our imaginations,” said Jean Marie McKee, Artistic Director, Naked Angels Theater Company. “The New School kindly offered our small organization space to present our 1st Mondays readings of full-length plays. The houses have been packed, highlighting the need for theater that is accessible and welcoming to all. We have had the extreme pleasure of casting the extraordinary School of Drama students in roles in every play we have presented.”

The next event in the 1st Mondays series will be on March 18, 2024, at 7pm, and includes an in-person reading of the full-length play TAATA, written by Barbara Matovu. This free reading will take place in Ernst C. Stiefel Hall at Arnhold Hall (55 West 13th Street). RSVPs are not required. 

About the School of Drama at The New School
The School of Drama is the most recent incarnation of theater education at The New School that goes back to the programs once led by the Group Theater, Piscator’s Dramatic Workshop, and The Actor’s Studio, and is a creative home to a dynamic group of actors, directors, writers, creative technologists, and multi-disciplinary theater artists. With a focus on authenticity of expression, the school’s curriculum confronts today's most pressing societal issues through the making of theater, film, and emerging media. The School of Drama’s faculty is made up of award-winning actors, playwrights, and directors who bring a currency of professional experience, artistic training, and project-based learning into the classroom. The multidisciplinary MFA and BFA degree programs bring together rigor, creativity, and collaborative learning to create work marked by professionalism, imagination, and civic awareness. The school takes inspiration from the greats who walked its halls in the past, including Marlon Brando, Harry Belafonte, Shelly Winters, and Vinette Carrol, as well as more recent graduates, like Adrienne C. Moore, Bradley Cooper, Jordan E. Cooper, and Jason Kim.

About Naked Angels
Naked Angels continues to be anything but conventional. For 37 years, the company has operated at many levels, big and small. We have proudly helped develop work that has gone everywhere from NYC downtown dives, to regional theaters, major Off-Broadway productions and even Broadway itself. Yet, at the core of it all, our mission has been an unyielding support of dynamic storytelling; we serve the writer and build community through theater. 

Since 2017, our main programming has consisted of: Tuesdays@9, a free weekly reading series operating in four cities nationwide—Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and NYC (now in its 32nd year); 1st Mondays, a reading series for artists with full length scripts developed at Tuesdays@9; and 3T Writing Workshops, which provide creative writing workshops to public school students, youth in foster care, and young adults facing incarceration, allowing them to see their written work brought to life by professional actors. We provide these workshops completely free of charge to the students and the schools.


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