Student Work

  • Design and Technology (BFA)

    Tanish Karmakar

    Mine For The Taking

    Set in the alternate 2060’s — a world where innovations in neural technology abound and a disease affects a significant portion of the global population that is experiencing "lock-in" — Mine For The Taking is a tech-noir adventure game about a British government agent who, although confined to his own body, takes control of humans and robots alike to do the bidding of Britannia. Inspired by the novel Lock In by John Scalzi and fueled by my affinity for science fiction and film noir, this project is also profoundly informed by the art of chiaroscuro and German Expressionism. Within the scope of my senior thesis project, I present to you a sizzle reel showcasing the various characters and environments built over the course of the semester. My hope is to showcase a uniquely impressionistic art style and tease an intriguing setting that is ripe for adaption to a broader and grander form.