Student Work

  • Industrial Design (MFA)

    Alfonso Lledo Conde


    Chicotopia is a catalog of products for children and adults that help bring out their biophilic nature by encouraging them to explore and engage with the natural world.

    Chicotopia seeks to promote the beauty in nature through minimal, non-pretentious, and practical tools. Chicotopia is meant to strengthen ecological literacy and stewardship of the natural world in order to help preserve and restore the environment for future generations.

    Chicotopia’s products are regional and seasonal. They are timeless products that are the visual intersection between craft and mass production. They require interaction with the outdoors whenever possible and teach lessons in conservation.

    Some of the products require users to engage in documentation, preservation, or animal care. They can be easily assembled and are made with natural materials.

    The most important aspect, aside from teaching important lessons in conservation, is that these products have the ability to develop into a constant element in the user's leisure time.

    Teaching children the importance of the natural world at a young age is paramount. In order to understand what needs to be preserved for future generations, children have to develop a love for nature by exploring and engaging with it; the future of our planet depends on this.