Student Work

  • Fine Arts (MFA)

    Geraldine Kang

    Neither In Nor Out

    "Neither In Nor Out" (2019) is a collaboration between Geraldine Kang and Rolinda Espanola. The project responds to the living conditions of foreign domestic workers in Singapore and features excerpts from an interview with Espanola. The project details her experiences as a live-in helper to her employers and contains criticisms of the live-in rule. The piece also features photographs and a poem by Espanola layered above an image of her employer's front doors. In a country and climate that is not conducive to the voices and basic rights of migrant workers, this project hopes to create a space for active speaking and listening, without fear of consequences. Due to file size constraints, the video has been uploaded in two parts. Special thanks to Shivaji Das, Dewi Tan, and Zai Tang for their generous assistance with the project.