Student Work

  • Interior Design (AAS)

    Jenna Mckenzie

    Observation Hotel

    This project focuses on the idea of observation. I was inspired by the Colosseum, which was a central space where the citizens of Rome could come and experience events and entertainment.

    I envision Observation Hotel as a spectacle for residents and tourists in New York City, giving them a space where they can escape the hectic city and forget about their lives outside the hotel.

    The hotel’s materials and minimal, neutral palette are drawn from the Colosseum’s design, hopefully encouraging moments of observation. The building will contain intricate levels of corridors and arches that resemble the building style of the Colosseum.

    In the center of the space, where entertainment would take place in the Colosseum, the hotel will feature performance art. I chose to highlight performance art because it is a is ephemeral and temporary — it comes and goes and is dynamic. The performance art will last 100 days at time, just as ancient festivals and games did.