Student Work

  • Interior Design (AAS)

    Patricia Romo

    From our Hands to your Feet

    The goal of this project was to create a retail space for Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom and handicrafts. Since Minerva was well known for her weaving skills, this project features a rug shop where Minerva can showcase her hand-woven rugs. When designing this store, I wondered why we only use our hands to feel rugs when shopping for them. In our homes, we feel rugs with our feet. Minerva’s store replicates a home setting that invites customers to take off their shoes and experience rugs in the way that is most natural — with their feet. Customers can sample rugs by walking through the central rug exhibition while framed rugs hand on the surrounding walls as paintings.

    Minerva’s store utilizes Biophilic Design to create an indoor-outdoor feel by incorporating elements of nature that define her. The store uses an upside-down olive tree, a symbol of Minerva, as a central lighting fixture and includes organic shapes for the rug exhibition and office walls. Inspired by Minerva’s Italian roots, the store’s façade features walls made with plaster and a roof with Mediterranean terracotta tiles. This retail space is a complete experience for all curious feet. See more on issuu.