Student Work

  • Interior Design (AAS)

    Lauren Baker

    The Azeotrope Hotel. SoHo, Manhattan.

    The Azeotrope is home to a hotel and distillery with a rooftop bar and tasting room. The design features a six-level column still, which allows for continuous distillation and for the distillery to be experienced on all levels of the hotel. The the distillery is the main "object on display," and the hotel design reflects this design concept throughout its space. In the lobby and restaurant, the distillery and kitchen are on display in double height glass boxes. In the guest rooms, a combined bed and shower is set in the center of the room as an object, again in a glass box. Lastly, on the rooftop, the glass box encases a floating perforated tasting room at the center of a lounge and bottle shop. Images include site analysis, a section perspective of the building, and renderings of the lobby, guest room, and roof.